Full Range Of High Quality Fasteners And Hardware For Industry.


Bolt is a cylindrical threaded
fastener that passes through
the work piece and is held
in place by a nut or a
threaded hole on the
other side, which is widely
applied to various civil and
industrial areas.


Our nuts rang are in many
different varieties,such as
Finished nut,Finished jam
nut,Heavy hex nut, Heavy
hex jam nut,Square nut,
Hex Flange nut,Nylon insert
lock Nut,Hex coupling nut,
Wing nut,Castle nut etc.


The common screw we mention
has thread form which
prohibits assembly with a
nut having a straight
thread of multiple pitch
length such as wood
screws, tapping screws.


A washer is a thin plate with a
hole (typically in the middle)
that is normally used to
distribute the load of a
threaded fastener.
according to different appli-
cation,the washer can be
made by steel ,plastic,
brass etc...